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Punk / Punk Rock / Alternative
Bristol, United Kingdom

joined May 18, 2016

Fifteen Years

We are Bristol based Punk band Fifteen Years. Formed in 2016, we have already recorded 2 demos and have gigs lined up for the foreseeable future. We combine ...


Punk Rock / Indie / Rock
Richmond, VA, United States

joined May 16, 2016

Channel 43

Channel 43 is Richmond, VA's best-kept punk rock secret. A powerful blend of tasteful songwriting, impeccable musicianship, and unrelenting determination ...


Rock / Alternative / Punk Pop
Apple Valley, CA, United States

joined May 6, 2016

Minor Rockstar

During a time when most genres of music seem to have lost their identity, the band Minor Rockstar has emerged as the new sound of southern California rock. ...


Punk / Punk Pop / Punk Rock
Liverpool, United Kingdom

joined May 1, 2016

Meet The Robots

Meet The Robots is a pop-punk band from Liverpool, England. Taking inspiration from Green Day, Blink-182 and Descendents, they fuse their love for science ...


Punk / Punk Rock / Metal
Los Angeles, CA, United States

joined May 1, 2016

Scum City Bastards

no description yet


Punk Rock / Punk / Metal
Los Angeles, CA, United States

joined April 9, 2016

Rhythmic Asylum

After the Peroxide Youth break up in June 2013, Chris and Gary decided to move back to So Cal from Santa Cruz to enjoy the LA punk scene once again. With ...


Punk Rock / Ska / Punk Pop
Indianapolis, IN, United States

joined April 5, 2016


Indien is a swing punk rockabilly band. New single with Vic from the slackers !


Punk Pop

joined March 27, 2016

The Ephinjis

no description yet


Punk Rock / Punk Pop / Punk
Leicester, United Kingdom

joined February 3, 2016


Punk rock from Leicester. For fans of alkaline trio, lawrence arms, menzingers, against me! etc.


Punk Rock / Alternative / Punk Pop
London, United Kingdom

joined February 1, 2016

Third Digit

"This pair of lads from London make a hell of a lot of noise for a duo, with elements of grunge, punk and hardcore, these guys revel in big sound! The ...


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