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Asylum Four Star

Metal - Rock
Official Website

Asylum Four Star

Band Members

Patrick Hall - Bass Guitar

Robbie Mair - Lead Guitar

Connor Mackie - Rhythm Guitar

Elliott Holmes - Drums

John Elphinstone - Vocals

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Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

We are an up and coming Aberdeen (Scotland) based metal band, our primary objective is to have fun, and make sure the audience have fun, and we join this with a well rehearsed set of original music, and an unorthodox rock cover of Martha and The Muffins' "Echo Beach" to ensure we meet the objective.

We have a light hearted attitude, it's all about enjoying yourself and the music, but we are serious about the music and always manage to get a lot done. We are currently sitting on 40minutes of material and we are taking a break from gigging soon to write and record so expect to hear some new shit in the near future!

We try to make our songs lively, bouncy, ambient and heavy at different points and we definitely capture every one of those elements throughout our set, check out the "official band page", it is actually a link to our soundcloud page where you can browse our current material! Feedback is always greatly appreciated. We are also on YouTube, simply type "Asylum Four Star Musical Porn" in and it should come right up!

Cheers, Asylum x



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