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Punk Rock - Alternative - Indie


Band Members

Jay Swensen - Drums
Noah Skape - Vocals
Jacob Fry - Guitar
Dominique Rae - Bass
Stefan Caramia - Guitar

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Perth, Australia

Eclectic theatric punk rockers FAIM have finally managed to channel and bottle their charismatic and unique live energy with their debut album, ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’.

With quirky, playful and insightful lyrics weaving their way in and out of fast-paced drums, tight bass and a wall of untamed, technical guitar riffs, it’s hard to pin-point what makes them so enticing.

Now, with their debut album ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’, a release has surfaced that manages to capture all the chaos of their live show, and more.
The album’s first single, ‘Believe’, paints a well- rounded picture of what to expect from the rest of the other 13 tunes, and shows five musicians feeding off one another’s energy to create something refreshing in a genre that many feared to be dying off.

“Being a huge fan of musical theatre, and especially Andrew Lloyd Webber, I wanted the album to have plenty of ups-and-downs, unexpected movements and shit that Danny Elfman would do,” frontman Noah Skape explains. “We’re doing it, and it’s faster than anything I’ve ever heard.”
In effect, FAIM have written the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist but everyone can relate to.

A follow-up to 2011’s ‘Dork’ EP, ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’ was also engineered, mixed and co- produced by Adam Round and promises to be just as melodically daring, spirited and boomingly theatrical as the EP hinted towards.

‘Dork’ made a promise of something greater to come, and with ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’, that promise has been delivered.



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