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Mister Fister

Rock - Alternative - Punk Rock
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Mister Fister

Band Members

Chris McAlpin - Drums,
Jesse Eckhoff - Bass/Vocals,
Josh Ripley - Lead Guitar/Vocals,
Tom Harlan - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals

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Maple Plain, MN, U.S.

In your face, blow out your ear drums, all American rock band.

"This band caught me off-guard. They’re a bunch of ragtag-looking young kids — called Mister Fister for crying out loud — and you’d never think to look at them that they’d be writing really interesting, intelligent songs, or that their frontman would have an awesome voice or stage presence that combines the hip edginess of Jack White with the fearlessness of Johnny Rotten. I can only hope that this band sticks together, keeps honing their songwriting craft, and continues delivering such a magnetic performance. I could see these guys being a buzz band at Coachella in the next five years, once they mature a little and crystallize their look and sound." - Sarah Saturday from EIY/ Vans Warped Tour



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