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Roskilde, Denmark

AFFLICTED is a band from the Danish Capitol of Rock n Roll: Roskilde.
The band is formed by 3 experienced guys. 1 vocalist, 1 guitarist (backing vocals) and 1 drummer.
In August 2016 we released the debut EP "In This World In This Life" on Spotify, ITunes and several other streaming services.
The 4 songs for the EP was recorded in our rehearsal room at Musicon in Roskilde to keep things simple and real and to capture the right energy for the recordings.
We ended up recording the songs without a click/metronome.
There is no bass on the recordings because we don't have a bassplayer in the band. We could have recorded basslines but wanted to keep it honest all the way. Some people might find the sound bad but we recorded lots of songs in other bands before in all kinds of studios with really "good" sound results. Doing things the way we did it this time may resulted in a raw and unpolished sound but we believe that rock musik is meant to be raw and unpolished.
The music is Hard Alternative Rock with different inspirations like AC/DC, Cancer Bats and Metallica to Therapy?, Millencolin and The Exploited. The list is long.
The songs is mainly about being afflicted by circumstances that is out of your own control (that is the reason we called the band AFFLICTED).
Hope you enjoy listening (we surely enjoy playing it).

"Change the world or die trying".



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