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Hal Jordan

Punk Pop - Punk Rock - Metal

Hal Jordan

Band Members

Gabe Bermingham - Lead Vocals
Ian Gartley - Guitar/Vocals
Ricky Coomer - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Sansone - Bass/Vocals
Eric Rudyk - drums

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Buffalo, NY, U.S.

Progressive Pop-Punk band from Buffalo, NY started in Feb. 2010. Don't be turned off by Pop, because we lay down some heavy sound.

Hal Jordan was started in Feb. 2010 with Joe Sansone, Ian Gartley and Ricky Coomer. A couple months after searching for a drummer, Eric Rudyk joined the band. Well as the story continues a few more months past by and finally lead vocalist; Gabe Bermingham joined the band. Keep checking back for more updates from Hal Jordan!

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