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I Am The Consequence

Electronica - Indie
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I Am The Consequence

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DjToukilla-Everything your cute little ears hear

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Buffalo, NY, U.S.

I Am The Consequence (IATC) is an Electronic Dance Music project on the rise out of Buffalo, New York. Producer and vocalist, Tom Robinson, has been working years to achieve a culmination of synthesis between genres. When taking the stage, they rage with a captivating light show, live vocals and a flawless DJ set. Their live set will be sure to have you on your feet and dancing. IATC is looking to bring something new to the world of EDM, using emphasis of illustrative lyrics and pop infused hooks. They are constructing beats that will have listener's ears entranced and bass thundering through their bodies. So turn up your speakers, crank up the bass and get ready to experience what I Am The Consequence has been waiting to share.



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