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Last Regards

Rock - Alternative - Punk Pop

Last Regards

Band Members

Matty Cheetham - Vocals
Alex Unsworth - Drums
Jon Huntley - Guitar
Jack McElhinney - Guitar
Dk-Sun - Bass

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

Last Regards are an Alternative Rock band hailing from the Northwest of England. Influences include the likes of Lostprophets, Young Guns ,JImmy Eat World, Youmeatsix and more. Their Debut EP Forever Endeavor IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES.

Also available on Spotify and Amazon.

" Its hard not to be charmed senseless by this crew of cherub faced rockers, and their first song hit the spot (Find The Solution) - would be great to jump around to when quite drunk with a great riff holding it all together, with the singing strong and assured..."

- Representative From Universal Records
(KitKat Battle of the Bands Final Judge)



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