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No Parking On the Bridge

Metal - Rock

No Parking On the Bridge

Band Members

Kolton Willie - Guitar
Nate Johnson - Drums
Dylan White - Vocals
Matt Wright - Bass
Blaine Zeller - Guitar

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Fort Pierre, SD, U.S.

On a Fall day in 2009, Nate and Kolton started play music together. For months, they played as a cover band just playing music they liked. In December, they decided to take this band further by getting serious and writing their own music. For the next year they had multiple members playing guitars, bass, vocals, and even a synth player! After tons of failed songs and band members coming and going, they have found all of the pieces to the band. In Fall, 2011, they recorded their EP "The Convalescent" which will be released on April 20, 2012. Over time with the current members, they've played with Jamies Elsewhere, These Hearts, The Suit, and tons of other bands throughout the span of 25 shows spread acrossed three states. They're currently writing new music for a full length in the future, and also getting ready for two upcoming tours and shows happening in Summer 2012, and eventually are planning to relocate to Minneapolis, MN area to pursue a better music scene and have more opportunities as a band and for themselves.



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