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Experimental - Rock
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Band Members

Patrick Schwomeyer - Bass, Auxiliary, Goo-ork
Cole Padgett - Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Owens - Guitar, Vocals, Mustache
Justin Winkleman - Sex-a-phone

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Indianapolis, IN, U.S.

The whole story would take too much time to explain. Phazed is a group of 4 or the most talented musicians of Indianapolis. Oh, alright here you go. Well what happened was Cole asked Chris to jam and Chris was down. So they jammed and they liked how they played together. So they spent a whole summer jamming and wrote a couple songs. They needed a bassist though, and the problem was they didn't really know any bassist because everyone plays guitar now a days. So one day Cole was fiddling around on the computer and looked at a Facebook status that attracted his eye. This status read "I wanna play bass for a band."
He saw it was written by another schoolmate by the name of Patrick. He asked Patrick to join and he agreed.
This created the Power Trio. They all met on a creative plane, shared some laughs, wrote songs and became good friends. Now they are on a journey to share with everyone their music. Their goal is to give everyone eargasms and spread confusion and originality to all.
Soon after a time, the three piece began expanding their sound. So much so, help was needed to further identify themselves as true musical travelers.There came the man with magnificant locks by the name of Mr. Justin Winkleman. This great man joined a ride through a musical wonderland.



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