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The Last Stronghold

Punk Rock - Punk Pop - Rock
Official Website

The Last Stronghold

Band Members

Daniel Moore - Bass/Vocals
Daniel Trust - Guitar
Shaun Marriott - Guitar
TBA - Drums

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Warrington, United Kingdom

after a 3 year absence... like a magic trick gone shockingly wrong, we are back.... we are The Last Stronghold.

A three piece punk rock band formally known as Version 3 make a return after years locked away in a box. From 2006 to 2012 the band had an interesting few years getting to travel the world playing music and recording 2 albums along the way. They now return with a new take on there music and a new name "The Last Stronghold".

please take the time to check out our social media pages and do that "likey" thing also check out our official web site we have added a new demo track.
(the songs on this page are what was Version 3, new tracks coming asap)



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