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Vision Theory

Alternative - Punk

Vision Theory

Band Members

Guitar/Vocals: Tim Dimayuga
Guitar/Vocals: Richard Torres
Bass/Vocals: Jon Young

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Danville, U.S.

Vision Theory was formed in 2010 by Tim Dimayuga, Jon Young, Nick Dodge, and Cameron Coutermarsh in Danville CA. Starting as just a cover “jam band” with four guitarists and no bassist, drummer, or vocalist they soon realized that some things needed to change. Stephen Balogh was brought in as the drummer, Jon Young switched to bass, and after going through several trial singers Tim Dimayuga stepped up as the lead vocalist with Cassi Tessandori as backup. Cameron Coutermarch decided to step down his commitment and decided that he would rather be a backup guitar player when needed. The band quickly became a moderate success around the Danville area, covering mostly Blink 182, Green Day, and Weezer music. Vision Theory played some of the same stages as superstar bands such as Journey and Train and played in front of crowds as large as 2,000. After some drama between the two singers, Cassi decided to quit the band and Nick decided he should follow. Nick was replaced by Richard Torres whose previous band, Only Human, had disbanded. Vision Theory is now writing their own music and has begun recording and hopes to get their first EP out within the next year.



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