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3 Cards Short

Punk Pop - Rock
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3 Cards Short

Band Members

Paul - Guitar/Vox
Erin - Bass/Lead Vox
Aaron - Drums/Vox
Shawn - Bass/Lead Vox

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Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.

Santa Cruz Ambassadors of Trans Atlantic Nerd Core, We love science fiction, comic book days, survival horror games, RPG's, Ray Mears, cartoons, partying like old folks, candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. Long ones.

Our songs are intricately woven by Brown-Noise Master Doppelganger twins in secret, underground British bunkers and presented to you by the best friends and players money can't buy.

We hate Lara Croft, Greed and Stupid People.

Especially stupid people.

3 Cards Short.




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