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Strawberry Fist Cake

Punk - Punk Rock - Punk Pop
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Strawberry Fist Cake

Band Members

Krunchy McSlutFace - Vocals
Om-J DeFister - Guitar & Vocals
Jimmy Jack Steve - Drums/Vocals
Skillet - Bass/Vocals

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Melbourne, Australia

We are Strawberry Fist Cake! We are loud and obnoxious punks who will drink all of your scotch and then take your Nanna out for a romantic evening on the town.
In the five years we've been playing we have toured with and supported The Dickies (USA), Ruts DC (UK), Richie Ramone (USA), Guttermouth (USA), Jet Boys (Jap), Rehab For Quitters (Can), Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers (NZ) and a heap of amazing Australian, Canadian and US bands.

Our discography includes the EP "We're Not Angry, Just Disappointed" "It's Alive" album recorded on PBS, the "Thicker and Fuller" split cd with the Half Pints and we recently launched our Full Length Album "We Wrote An Album" at the Hi-Fi in Melbourne City. If you like joy and not kicking puppies, you'll love Strawberry Fist Cake.

(Disclaimer: We may or may not be insinuating that people that don't like our music kick puppies...and you don't want to be known as a puppy kicker now do you??)



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