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Axial View

Punk Pop - Alternative - Punk
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Axial View

Band Members

Richard Webber - Lead Vocals
Chris Hewitt - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Will Tavener - Guitar
Sam Hughes- Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Kieran Gallop - Drums

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Smashing down the barrier between new wave Pop Punk and old style Punk Rock, Axial View blast out powerful harmonies with jumpy chords and shredding solos. Stage diving and eating pizza are these 5 british boys hobbies and you will often find them in the studio writing new jams and planning tours. After returning from a 3 day three tour with Area 11 they took the Bristol Pop Punk scene by storm, playing shows with Tuskens, Pushing Daisies and Highlives at events such as Propaganda and Riff City. Fronted by the emotional Rich Webber with his harsher gravelly tone, he is backed up by guitar hero Chris Hewitt and chord machine Will Tavener along with the crowd surfing nutter that is Sam Hughes and double pedal destroyer Kieran Gallop.



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