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Chasing Infinity

Punk Pop - Rock - Alternative

Chasing Infinity

Band Members

Adele Halsall - Vocals

Robert Saunders - Bass, harmonica & backing vocals

Paul McCormick - Guitar

Megan Eldred - Drums

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

We’re Chasing Infinity, a rock/pop-punk band based in Liverpool. Our line up consists of Adele Halsall [vocals], Paul McCormick [guitar], Rob Saunders [bass, harmonica & backing vocals], and Megan Eldred [drums]. We’ve been together for roughly 2 years now.

If you happen to hear a tiny hint of something you might one day grow to like, maybe even love and show affection for... Then all we ask is that you make it down to one of our shows and give us a chance to romance you. We try our best to totally bring it to every show and you’ll gain yourself four very appreciative friends.

I’m not gonna lie, we are pretty nerdy bunch. We like Star Wars, bad jokes, video games, themed nicknames, beanbag chairs, and the occasional cheesy stage move... All of which can be a lot to come to terms with, we know. But just give us a chance; we aim to please.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChasingInfinityMusic




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