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Fight Cunning

Punk Rock - Punk - Rock
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Fight Cunning

Band Members

Brad- Guitar, Vocals

Gus- Guitar, Vocals

Tom- Bass


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Minneapolis, MN, U.S.

Formed in the depths of a horrid rented house in Minneapolis, Fight Cunning has risen above the proverbial barrier that is forming a band. After playing a promising circuit of local basements, houses, records stores and bars, they hope to take their act on tour soon and see all of your beautiful faces. Melodic Punk is their sound; armed with two guitars which most times are playing harmonies they continually craft their sound into something unique yet accessible. With one E.P. under their belt and another in the works, they will continue their tirade on the Twin Cities, the Midwest and hopefully at a venue near you.

See you soon


Gus, Brad, Tom and Zack



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