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Landon Cripe

Rock - Alternative - Punk Pop

Landon Cripe

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Landon Cripe

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Apple Valley, CA, U.S.

Trained in classical piano from age 9-14, Landon Cripe showed a talent for music, having won a very competitive Bach festival at age 12. After watching the movie Back To The Future where Marty McFly plays Johnny B Goode at the school dance, he decided he wanted to play guitar and never looked back. After a difficult time in his teens, music was put on hold, and after graduating high school, he began using drugs and alcohol heavily for the next 15 years. Then in 2012, Landon was admitted into a rehab facility, where he began the process of getting clean and sober. In 2015 Landon recorded a song on his own at DiCarlo Studios in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, with Dylan Roy on drums. It was a song he wrote for his then girlfriend Holly, which later got the attention of Ronnie Winter-Defoe of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus when Landon played him the song at a chance meeting. Landon soon after formed a band called Minor Rockstar with friend Dustin Bebon, with Ronnie producing and playing drums on the record. They recorded an EP with Ronnie and Angela Winter-Defoe, Ronnie's wife. Minor Rockstar toured with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for 3 years in a row, opening for the headlining band on their California and Las Vegas shows, often with Ronnie playing drums. After parting ways with Dustin Bebon, Landon Cripe continued writing and recording songs on his own and with friends.



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