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Toy Store Riot

Punk - Punk Pop - Punk Rock
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Toy Store Riot

Band Members

J Playskool: Giberish, Bass and Guitars...
Jonny Plush Ophelia: Guitars, Bass, and Shouting...
Rock'Em Socke'Em Ricci: Drums and Shenanigans...
Sergio Mattel: Visuals, Awkward Silence and Funny Business

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Washington D.C., DC, U.S.

Toy Store Riot is a punk rock band based out of the D.C. metro area, or at the very least an amazing group of drinking companions. Don’t let the “PUNK” label fool you, with songs ranging from utter seriousness to absolute hilarity, their simple approach to songwriting and connecting with their fans in an organic nature meshes with their technical abilities and fun loving stage presence to create a polished sound that’s arguably radio friendly... ok, they're not radio friendly at all (If there is such a thing). Be careful, they may just pull at your heart strings while making you vomit…

Punk is far from dead. We're just a friendly reminder.



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