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Hip-Hop - Experimental


Band Members

Chris Young - Manager/Producer/Song Writer/Performer/President of 'BLAST EM PRODUCTIONS'

Ty Day - Song Writer/Performer/Vice President Of 'BLAST EM PRODUCTIONS'

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Fargo, ND

YungStarz is a long awaited, dynamic, and explosive Hip-Hop duo. Through many different struggles, loopholes, and set-backs YungStarz finally have been formed. YungStarz bring a wide range to the table from lyrical skill to exceptional production skills. With the same goals and the same mind state, YungStarz are destined to do many great things for the music industry.

YungStarz is composed of two artists: Chris Young and Ty Day.

Chris Young who is born and raised in the Fargo/Moorhead area has been part of the rap game for some time now. He has done everything from production to performing and works on managing and marketing. Chris is founder of Blast 'Em Productionz.

Ty Day originates from Oklahoma and fully represents it! He is currently residing in Fargo. Ty has also been involved in the rap game for quite some time and is helping run Blast 'Em Productionz.

Together the two make up YungStarz!



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