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Punk / Rock / Metal
Salem, OR, United States

joined June 15, 2020

Leftover Hot Dogs

Leftover Hot Dogs, a two piece from Salem, Oregon with Paul H. Daug on guitar, bass, kazoo and vocals and Daniel Steinberg on drums, digeridoo, percussion ...


Punk / Punk Rock / Punk Pop
Sacramento, CA, United States

joined June 5, 2020


Hailing from the often overlooked California city of Sacramento, Tharca is the brain child of Mark Meraji and Gabe Newborn. The duo started playing music ...


Rock / Electronica / Punk Pop
Tampa, FL, United States

joined July 28, 2019

Dacian Miron

Plug in your hair straightener, dust off your Vans, and stuff your thighs into the tightest jeans you can find. Dacian Miron, a native of Tampa, Florida, ...


Punk Pop / Metal / Punk Rock
Glasgow, United Kingdom

joined July 24, 2019

Glorious Failure

It's like pop-punk, but on fire.


Punk / Metal
Idaho Falls, ID, United States

joined March 15, 2019

Outlaw Stiffs

Punk/Metal Crossover uglying up Idaho Falls, ID


Punk Rock / Alternative / Rock
Conwy, United Kingdom

joined January 2, 2019

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is a multi-genre songwriter/guitarist from North Wales in the UK. He writes Blues/Rock/Punk and Piano/Acoustic music for TV and film soundtrack ...


Rock / Punk Rock / Indie
San Antonio, TX, United States

joined November 27, 2018

The Walk Offs

Rock-N-Roll band from San Antonio, Tx. Wreckless rocking songs with guts all over the stage.


Punk / Punk Rock / Punk Pop
MEXICO, Mexico

joined November 4, 2018


Dickens is a Mexican punk rock band. They played their first show way back in 2001 and released their first EP in 2003. They’ve went on to become one of ...


Punk / Grunge / Alternative
Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom

joined October 26, 2018

The Penny Antics

The Penny Antics are a two piece Grunge/Punk band from Essex! We've been gigging around for three years now and are developing an ever-expanding fanbase. ...


Punk / Metal / Grunge
Madrid, ME, Spain

joined October 9, 2018

Black Sheep Riot

Currently one man band, practicing mostly punk/melodic hardcore punk, with a lot of influences from metal and classic rock...


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