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Metal / Punk / Alternative
Birmingham, United Kingdom

joined April 3, 2024

Broken Lungs

Loud, fast noise from Birmingham, UK


Punk Rock / Punk Pop / Rock
Olympia, WA, United States

joined May 4, 2023

Storm Boy

Confident, indulgent, fist throwing, beer cheers-ing, movie climax moment music straight outta the PNW


Punk Pop / Rock / Alternative
Scorpion, TN, United States

joined August 4, 2022

Ben Drillmet

One man band from Scorpion, Tennessee.


Metal / Rock / Electronica
Denver, CO, United States

joined August 3, 2022

Southern Dawn

Southern Dawn is a metalcore band from Denver, Colorado, and consists of Patrick Reeser (vocals), Larcester Downs (guitar/vocals), Steve Millstone (bass) ...


Metal / Rock
Seaford, DE, United States

joined August 3, 2022

Stormy Like Gallows

Stormy Like Gallows is a five-piece metalcore band from Seaford, Delaware.


Punk Pop / Rock / Emo
Fredetica, IN, United States

joined August 3, 2022

The Morning Heist

no description yet


Emo / Metal / Rock
Ranger Kently, NY, United States

joined August 3, 2022

Killing Grey Brooklyn

Killing Grey Brooklyn is a Post-Hardcore/Emo band formed by 22-year old Jack Schmidt, a recent high school graduate in the town of Ranger Kently.


Punk Rock / Punk Pop / Alternative
Royse City, TX, United States

joined July 21, 2022

Lasting Effect

Lasting Effect is a pop punk / rock band from Rockwall, Texas that originated in the fall of 2010. Starting out, Lasting Effect played cover songs from ...


Punk Pop / Rock / Alternative
Houston, TX, United States

joined May 6, 2022

Chris Flash

One man band from Houston, Texas. Former Lead-Singer/Guitarist from groups "Darling You're Stunning, One Way Lane")


Alternative / Punk Pop / Emo
Clifton Park, NY, United States

joined April 10, 2022

Farmer Shire

Farmer Shire is a Neon Pop-Punk Emo band formed by 19-year old Craig Joseph Miller, a recent high school graduate in the town of Clifton Park. the band's ...


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