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Rock / Punk Rock / Metal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

joined November 12, 2010


Hailing from Montreal, CRIMSON RED is here to rock no mater what. With a sound that resembles the blend of hardcore/rock and riffs that brings back southern ...


Fargo, ND

joined November 11, 2010

Sovereign Sect

SOVEREIGN SECT Hailing from the frozen Tundra of Fargo, Sovereign Sect has taken the reins and pioneered one of the most underrated, vibrant live electronic ...


Indie / Experimental / Emo
Fargo/Moorhead, MN

joined November 11, 2010

Tiny Moving Parts

You can say we are a real screamo band from the Fargo/Moorhead area, and we plan on touring a lot this summer. We are down for any place recommendations ...


Punk Rock / Punk / Rock
Minneapolis, MN, United States

joined November 10, 2010

Fight Cunning

Formed in the depths of a horrid rented house in Minneapolis, Fight Cunning has risen above the proverbial barrier that is forming a band. After playing ...


Rock / Indie / Alternative
Fargo, ND

joined November 9, 2010

The Hook

The Hook's name is simply a tribute to the music they play. Their setlist is loaded with songs that have razor-sharp, deep-biting musical and lyrical ...


Gilby, ND

joined November 8, 2010

Rome B.C.

We are a band from Gilby ND. We play metalcore music. We are 16-19 years old. The music scene in our area is falling apart but is slowly starting up ...


Punk / Punk Pop / Punk Rock
Alexandria, VA

joined November 8, 2010

The Dead End Dropouts

The Dead-End Dropouts is a three-piece Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band consisting of, guitarist/vocalist Eddy D., bass player/vocalist Allen Welch, and ...


Punk / Punk Rock
Grand Forks, ND

joined November 8, 2010


We are a hardcore punk band from ND. Yes. We never have fun...ever.


Punk Pop / Punk / Emo
Minneapolis, MN, United States

joined November 7, 2010

Shot Memory

Shot Memory is a melodic hardcore indie pop punk band from Minneapolis, MN. We play music we love. Being in a band is hard when you're juggling it between ...


Punk Pop / Punk Rock / Rock
Fargo, ND

joined November 7, 2010

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is a result of influences spanning from bands of the early 50's to the music of today. Odd Man Out provide its listeners with songs that ...


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