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Punk Pop / Punk / Emo
Minneapolis, MN, United States

joined November 7, 2010

Shot Memory

Shot Memory is a melodic hardcore indie pop punk band from Minneapolis, MN. We play music we love. Being in a band is hard when you're juggling it between ...


Punk Pop / Punk Rock / Rock
Fargo, ND

joined November 7, 2010

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is a result of influences spanning from bands of the early 50's to the music of today. Odd Man Out provide its listeners with songs that ...


Punk Pop / Punk Rock
St. Paul, MN

joined November 7, 2010

Our Life Story

Our Life Story formed in early 2009 and consists of five dudes playing the music they are passionate for, in a music scene that doesn't have much in their ...


Punk Pop / Alternative / Christian Rock
Fargo, ND

joined November 7, 2010

Paperback Novelty

Forming late in the year 2009, Paperback Novelty was destined to make a name for themselves in the Fargo/Moorhead music scene. They played their first ...


Punk Pop / Rock / Alternative
Fargo, ND

joined November 7, 2010

Baltic to Boardwalk

We like music.


Punk Pop / Alternative / Rock
Fargo, ND

joined November 7, 2010


Tripwire draws inspiration from all possible musical influences. Johnny Cash to Green Day to Bob Marley to Black Eyed Peas, and anything else you can imagine. ...


Alternative / Metal / Rock
Cambridge, Canada

joined October 28, 2010

The Twin

The Twin is a musical phenomenon with a plethora of genres, creating a sound that can hardly be compared to many modern day metal acts. They spawn from ...


Houston, TX

joined October 27, 2010

5th Flow

5th Flow (Rahlo, JClay, Supreme), Houston's Crunkest new rap trio...and they are on fire!!! These boys literally shut the club down when they show up 50 ...


Fargo, ND

joined October 26, 2010


The LAW is born and raised to rep for the midwest title of hip hop. He comes from Minnesota but lives Fargo ND. He thrives off of haters and his influences ...


Indie / Rock / Alternative
Cambridge, United Kingdom

joined October 25, 2010

Violet Bones

VIOLET BONES are a four piece indie pop band from Cambridge where they pack an impressive 1000 fans into the Corn Exchange. It’s a far cry from four years ...


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