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Hip-Hop / Experimental
Fargo, ND

joined October 21, 2010


YungStarz is a long awaited, dynamic, and explosive Hip-Hop duo. Through many different struggles, loopholes, and set-backs YungStarz finally have been ...


Punk Pop / Rock / Punk Rock
Fargo, ND, United States

joined October 21, 2010

At the Emporium

At the Emporium is a Pop/Rock band from Fargo, ND. At the Emporium infuses heavy guitar licks with pop inspired melodies and upbeat tempos to create a ...


Punk Pop / Punk
Milwaukee, WI

joined October 20, 2010

Love Like Ghosts

Sacrifice. This one word can be the foundation of something great. Love, Like Ghosts, the alias of American singer/songwriter Paul James is living proof ...


Hip-Hop / Experimental / Alternative
Fargo, ND

joined October 20, 2010

Charlie Mizza

Perseverance. Sacrifice. Struggle. Glory. Passion. If one were allowed only five words to their biography, these are the words of a Midwest Hip Hop phenomenon..... Charlie ...


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