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Shot Memory

Punk Pop - Punk - Emo
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Shot Memory

Band Members

Patch- guitar, vocals

Mike "Doober" Ramirez- bass

Nate Miller- beats

Fans 9 Hits 1685


Minneapolis, MN, U.S.

Shot Memory is a melodic hardcore indie pop punk band from Minneapolis, MN. We play music we love. Being in a band is hard when you're juggling it between jobs, school, and other challenges in life, all while doing so with empty wallets. Nevertheless, we work our asses off to write songs that are self therapeutic, and we've been lucky enough to pick up a handful of fans that can relate to them as well. We've also been lucky enough to play with/make friends with dudes in A Wilhelm Scream, 88 Fingers Louie, Tigers Jaw, The Sidekicks, and others, which is a huge accomplishment for us. Every show we play is very energetic with a positive vibe and a high encouragement to channel any negative energy into positive energy through circle pits, stage dives, and sing alongs. We just self released our debut EP "Nostalgic" and we're really excited to tour and get our music out there as soon as we can! If you're a fan of bands such as Much The Same, Crime In Stereo, Daggermouth, Title Fight, Transit, A Wilhelm Scream, Living With Lions, No Trigger, Millencolin, Pulley, and Lagwagon, and stuff like caffeine, beer, zombies, and video games, you may enjoy what we play! So hopefully we will see you at a show soon enough. STAY LUCID



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