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Minor Rockstar

Rock - Alternative - Punk Pop
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Minor Rockstar

Band Members

Landon Cripe, Ronnie Winter-Defoe

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Apple Valley, CA, U.S.

During a time when most genres of music seem to have lost their identity, the band Minor Rockstar has emerged as the new sound of southern California rock. Frontman and songwriter, Landon Cripe, is a 6'6" classically trained musician who learned to play piano as a child but at the age of fourteen, picked up the guitar and never looked back. Having overcome a variety of extreme struggles including drug addiction, Landon Cripe began to create the weighty, fun sound that makes up what Minor Rockstar is today. A sound that seems to draw from the lessons learned during his darkest seasons without taking himself too seriously.

After a chance meeting with Ronnie Winter-Defoe of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in 2015, Minor Rockstar was formed with Ronnie Winter-Defoe on drums. They began recording with A+R Productions, Ronnie and Angela Winter-Defoe’s company, and utilized the couple’s musical genius to cut their EP, released in 2018.

Minor Rockstar has managed to capture both the grit and laid-back vibe found in the lower half of the Golden State. Their music is edgy with fun-loving lyrics and resonates with fans who appreciate various musical styles.



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