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Sleep Atlantic


January 25, 2011

Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to thank everybody for coming out to the show on Friday night and being so rad!!! Go tag yourselves in the photos on after dark promotions Facebook page.

We got tons of awesome footage for the video, so all we have to do is some editing! Thanks again for filming Joe S and Joe G! And anyone who has phone vids, put em on facebook or email em to us, they could make it into the video!

Ps. The new t-shirts went over swimmingly! Rep em proud, you're a part of the family now.


I Am The Consequence


January 24, 2011

The other day i learned that my friend Jack Roberts of Caramel Carmela will be helping me record my first E.P for WeLaugh@Love. I' m really excited to work with him and Basemint sound on this record. It’s great to have someone helping me that actually cares about the music. Unlike in Buffalo where i experienced heavy “Shit Talking” in the studio and out of it. Just one more reason why Buffalo’s music scene is in such a downward state. I think about it sometimes and it doesn’t surprise me that it is, I myself experienced numerous occasions of bands degrading other bands and praising theirs. What’s the point? What makes your more creative….better? Just because your guitarist can play 3 notes a second or your drummer can do blast beats at 240bpm doesn’t mean you have the right to rub it in another s face everyone’s skill level is different and assembling different notes and chords into a song is the same for everyone. No matter what they do it should be appreciated and applauded for the hard work and devotion they put into their art. Help them strive to be more. Look at it this way.

If i was to play a show with my friends band The Devil in Love and i talked shit about how bad they sucked would you wanna see them….(yes/NO) but if i went around saying yeah its a great punk/ folk band he has a lot of stage presence and charisma and love for what he is doing would you wanna see him now…(YES/no). you don’t necessarily have to lie to people, you can have your voice and opinion, but if that opinion is negative think of how it will effect you, the fans and the other artists before you speak. By eliminating the negativity and spreading the word of you and all the other bands you are playing with will help everyone and when everyone grows the scene grows and the more the scene grows the more people you have talking about you, going to shows and helping you do what you love.

Thanks to Denver i have learned what a lot of you people back home haven’t got a chance to learn. So if you read this know that you can make it just stay positive ‘cause if you don't believe in yourself who will believe in you? (Your mother doesn’t count she would believe in you if you wanted to be a Mortal Kombat champion)

On a last note, make sure to check out my new teaser track to hear some of the songs that will be found on my record and make sure to stay tuned to me on twitter Facebook and lastly Purevolume for an official release date and for upcoming shows… I' m gonna hit it hard soon! thanks for listening and hopefully you stay tuned!



Upcoming Shows!

January 24, 2011

TBA - Millbury High School Fundraiser. Millbury, MA. w/ The Hotel Year, All Set, Gone Astray +More!

Mar. 4 - Anchors Up: Haverhill, MA w/The Offseason


Shot Memory

Punk Rant #2- William Marsolek

January 24, 2011

This is my buddy William's reply to comments we were disgussing on my previous pop punk note, good read:

i think we may have misunderstood each other about how i said most "punks" aren't "punks."

I guess what i meant to say is that there were always phonies in the punk scene. New punk and old school punk both had/have people in it who just play(ed) the part.
The Sex pistols, who are practicley worshiped by old school punks, were complete sell-outs. They only made one recording, which was carefully produced by EMI to mimic everything about "the punk sound." the sex pistols were a creation of a large media machine to create a paradigm of culture, sort of like the Spice-girls. (a cultural paradigm is everything punk is against, its about being your own person in a world where people are discouraged from on being authentic, to belone to a paradigm.) It worked, because from then on, the "punk" image became EMI-backed "Sid Vicious". There were people who bought into that image, acted all bad-ass, wore spiked clothes and mohawks, talked "punk" and treated everyone like trash. (Punk, i think, is about being who you are, letting everyone just be who they are, and rebeling against a system which doesn't, so when people go around treating other people like trash, they are, in my opinion of punk, being completely anti-punk.)
So there were people back then who called themselves "punk," played the part of a "punk," but were absolutely not what punk really was. Same with today, as we both can see. Only except "Sid Vicious" is no longer the paradigm of punk, its more like "Billie Joe Armstrong" or any one from "Blink-182". There are people who dress like these people, act like these people, in order to be part of the punk scene. Those people who want you to do more breakdowns, even if you don't want to, are part of this paradigm (inasmuch as they want you to play "punk" and not punk) . Its the same concept, but a different paradigm.
But there are still people, both way back then and today, who are not in the paradigm and know what its all about.
Unfortunately for me (this is what i was trying to say using less words before) i have built up a kind of Wall of Suspicion and i assume most people who call themselves "punk" aren't at all punks, both old punks and new punks. Its not a correct thing to assume, because its completely against the "not treating people like trash" part of punk that i hold dear to the scene, but nonetheless i haven't been able to shake it from me. Its a barrier, and i wish i could break it down. This is what i meant when i said that i missed the scene.
I don't look like a punk--but i try to be who i am and i try to rebel against a world where being who one is is discouraged. For my definition of punk, i am a punk.
I figured out that there were phony punks when i was a freshman, and i stopped listening to new punk (I grew up on Blink-182, dilinger4, greenday) and, hoping to find something authentic, delved into old school punk. I didn't find anything better as far as phony-ness goes. The only reason why I listen to more old school punk (i don't much anymore) than new school punk is I'm not a fan of melody-based music. Melody, for me, is more entertaining if it is an after-thought and shouldn't distract the listener from what i think is more important (Bass under-rhythms, Lyrics, atmosphere, pacing, etc.) This is purely a matter of subjective taste in music. It has nothing to do with who i think are *real* punks. There were phonys back then as there are phonys now. There were real people back then as there are real people now.

I just wanted to quickly clear this up, i didn't want you to think that i was taking a shit on the punk scene as it is today, my thought process is not nearly that black-and-white. I think we both agree for the most part what punk is, as a positive scene that most people only see on its surface. (again, very anti-punk)
-William Marsolek




January 24, 2011

Ok guys and you sexy girls on our site. We hope you guys are enjoying our video blog (USP TV) We feel it is very important to develop a personal relationship with you, it truly means the world to us. Also the success we have seen in our site is amazing and we cant thank you enough for it! With a few new features you can now search for whatever band/artist you want. 2nd we made an about us page which has our contact info on there so feel free to hit us up with questions or on facebook or whatever you want. 3rd now if you missed a blog or something you wanted to read you can now just click "view more blogs" and your golden. Oh and 1 more thing you can make your songs down loadable as well so if you want people to download them dont for get to make them down loadable. We will keep making improvements to our site as well as keeping our site as simple and user friendly as we can. Thanks again everyone and we love you!



Crosstown Collision

it was an awsome nite at the es jungle

January 23, 2011

Indy!!!! Crosstown Collision wants to thank you for being the most craziest crowd ever it was never a dull moment last nite there at the es jungle. bands like spectrum, fear no evil, shake, our bros track9, and crosstown ripped the roof off that place with some amazing punk rock and ska just packing that energy punch the whole nite. just wanna thank our fans that drove hours and hours away from home to see us play last nite. you guys are the best. its true fans are what makes bands so keep it up guys and gals from around the world let everybody know about crosstown collision check us out via unsingedpunk.com, facebook,twitter/ @ctc_band, and myspace.com/crosstowncollision0


Destructively Yours!

New Songs Coming Soon!!!

January 22, 2011



Famous For A Day

Battle Of The Bands round 2 Tupelo, MS

January 22, 2011

Battle Of The Bands round 2 is Sat, January 29th show starts at 6 tickets are ten dollars message us on myspace or facebook if you need one ... oh yeah btw listen to our song :) tell us what you think :)


My Sweet Fall

Gorilla Productions Online Voting: VOTE FOR US!!!!

January 21, 2011

hey guys, whats up, this is nick from My Sweet Fall.
We have a lot coming at you all very soon.
we're gonna be working on a demo soon, to get more of a name out.
we're gonna be having more shows come up,
and Vlogs, and things!
just fun stuff, and awesome ways to interact with me, and the other band mates :D
we have a bunch of promo's up on our facebook, be sure to check that out!


we have a youtube with some live videos posted!!


and finally the greatest news... i saved it for last ;D
we are in an online contest, and need your votes!
this could be huge for our band!!
we are in a contest where if we get enough votes, with all of your support, we could win A. 25,000$ B. a record deal, and C. A US TOUR!!
yeah thats sweet news, even sweeter... we're ranked9 out of 200 currently!!
so guys, please give us your support, and vote!! it truly means a lot to us!! :]

love you all!!

P.s: i wanna say thanks to the unsigned punk crew, this site is really sweet! it's site like these that really help out newer bands like us!! so again, thank you guys :D




January 21, 2011




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