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Skarrow's Blog

January 18, 2011

This is our first blog entry. In this message, you will find nothing but a shallow "hello." So, hello everybody! This is our UnsignedPUNK page. Hopefully this shows up as just a post on our page, but maybe it won't. That's what first times are all about. So anyway, keep coming here (or to one of our other pages on the million sites we're signed up with) to stay updated! We've got a new album coming out very soon, get excited!



The Phoenix Philosophy

Hayward This Weekend

January 18, 2011

Don't forget to stop by The River's Edge Saloon in Hayward, Wisconsin this Saturday if you're in the area. We'll be playing 4 sets, so you have plenty of time. But the earlier you show up, the more fun you'll have. If you don't show up, you'll miss some new covers and your life will lose a substantial amount of meaning. I advise you come. That is all. More info at thephoenixphilosophy.com/shows.


Crosstown Collision

es jungle this weekend!!!!

January 18, 2011

Crosstown collision will be at the es jungle in indy this sat. jan 22 7pm tickets $7 come out rock with us jump in the pit and skank it up u skallywag-skankterss its going to be an amazing show our really good friends track9 are going to be there so the real question is the fans in Ready for the time of there lives..... see you at the show


Shot Memory


January 18, 2011

Whatsup unsigned punks! It's very late, my insomnia has gotten the best of me, and i wanna rant. So I've been watching some of my favorite bands grow and become more successful since day 1 and I've seen them find eachother and form somewhat of another scene today. It's getting bigger and bigger and I'm afraid it's gonna get out of hand and get shat on like what happened to punk back in the late 90's-early 00's. I feel stupid for saying that tho, I'm really proud of these bands for doing what they want to do and fulfilling their dreams. Specifically, I mean guys like A Loss For Words, Transit, Such Gold, Fireworks, Man Overboard, Make Do And Mend, Living With Lions, The Wonder Years, Balance And Composure, Title Fight, Hostage Calm, Tigers Jaw, etc. I knew these bands when they were just starting and playing basement shows, now they're all touring together and becoming more popular names in the hardcore/pop punk scene by introducing themselves through bigger bands such as New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, and H2O. Our band, Shot Memory, has always drawn influence from this type of music, as well as skatepunk/melodic hardcore and all that, and we've tried to write music that would make us noticed in this scene. I'm not saying I'm dropping this all together, I'm still gonna write music that makes me happy and feel stoked and hopefully does the same for the listeners/show attenders, I'm just not gonna try to fit into a cookie cutter shaped style. I go to any show of the previously mentioned bands when they come through, and I'm beginning to see a trend with all the kids just like in any other scene. No, not all the fans are like this, but a handful of people there will dress the part, but do nothing while the band plays, and stick their nose up at me for wearing a 90's skatepunk tshirt. We've played a show with some pop punk bands where some of these kids attended and someone told me our band will never have a future in music to my face. I've been told if we don't play more breakdowns we won't be successful. I've seen someone kick an innocent bystander at a Four Year Strong show straight in the stomache for no apparent reason, but it was during a breakdown and the guy had SxE tattoos all over his body. I mean, cmon, these guys are singing about a positive message and that everyone should stick up for their friends and like-minded peers because there aren't that many like us out there. In short I'm frustrated seeing this positive, vibrant, fun music scene turn into another fashion trend. I'm not participating. You will see me at the shows stage diving and in the pit screaming every single line, hell, you may even see Shot Memory playing with them some day, and if you don't like it because it doesn't sound exactly like the headliner, tough. Have an open mind. We're applying our talents and influences to playing music we fucking love to get away from our problems and make YOU feel better about yourselves while we do it, just like these other bands are. That's all that should matter. I hate myself for writing this long ranting blog, this will be the only one I ever do. Long live pop punk, melodic hardcore, indie, skatepunk, emo, etc. Whatever. I'm done. Stay Lucid.


I Am The Consequence

Watershed Courtney! Arrested!

January 17, 2011

This is the story of a man. A pretty great man. A wonderful caring man. A man that stood up for the just and punished the wrong. Well maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit….or a lot.( that just depends on how well you know me) Today’s story is about the song name Watershed Courtney! Arrested! its a simple story but it might give you a tickle in the right spot ( or the wrong one depending on age and gender). The Story starts like this….

On a long walk back from a concert at a local venue in Denver. I Tom Robinson and my stunningly gorgeous girlfriend were walking back to my place.(maybe a little intoxicated maybe a lot). On the way back i felt as though i might need make use of a public restroom problem is that…

1) It’s like midnight who’s open nearby? nobody…


3) It’s cold.

So i complained any real man would have done…screeching in pain as my testes gave into the kidneys yells for attention. But i continued to walk…Until oh whats that??? it can’t be?No? not here? A dark sketchy alleyway just screaming rape murder and feed me I’m homeless, but ignoring all these warnings of trouble i walked down it into a small corner which may have been a box fort a fifty year old mans love shack, or a shelter for cats who knows? What i do know is i pissed on that box and i soaked the SHIT out of it. Looking back maybe my girlfriend had a good reason to text her friend Courtney and attempt to tell her i was gonna get my self arrested…either way it didn’t work and i am sure Courtney got a quite a laugh out of it. On a side note to my girlfriend who i am sure will read this and may throw a Twix at me for saying all this( don’t laugh i bruise) I love you. Also thank you for all the great song names.

Some memorable drunk texts….

1) Watershed Courtney! Arrested!

2) We went to 7/12 and got directions

3) he fell in his lap

4)i ifgpr yejg ( i love you)



Hal Jordan


January 17, 2011

We have two shows coming up in Buffalo, NY!

$10-Jan. 21st, 6pm @ Mohawk Place w/

Sleep Atlantic, Fighting For First, Start The Fight and Aurora

$5-Feb. 19th, 9pm @ Mohawk Place w/

Cosmic Shakedown and White Bison

Come see us and all the other bands!


Crosstown Collision

here is to you fans......

January 17, 2011

last nites show was awsome we had such a good turn out to support us in the battle of the bands hosted by gorilla productions. We placed Second but served a 1st choice in rock. You fans that stuck it out on our long day trail of who is better was greatly noticed by us we love you so much and thank you for traveling miles and miles to get your crosstown collision fix :) :) we will be back in indy next week to party it up at the ES jungle come out and get in the circle and skank till you cant skank no more.....


Atlas On Strike

Oldie, but goodie.

January 16, 2011

Check out our last little video of recent that came out right before the release of our EP.



Atlas On Strike


January 16, 2011

But really, how goes it Blog #2.

We are just finishing up the writing for our first full length LP due out this summer. It will contain 10 songs for sure at this moment, more if we decide to and have enough time to record them all. Current tracks include favorites such as "To Infinity and Beyond" "You're Killing Me Smalls" and "You Stay Classy San Diego."

We are really excited to play these songs for you guys and get them recorded so you can own them and love them yourselves. Like always we will keep posting studio video blogs to show our current progress on the album.

Take is easy Ye'all.

PS: If you could, check out our entire EP on our Facebook page. It would mean a lot to us.


Fed Up 74

Live recordings

January 16, 2011

Check out live recordings from the band at http://fedup74rocks.com/74/archives/481



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