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Crosstown Collision

ska fever!!! start catching it...

April 3, 2012

Crosstown made a video update on the "Ska Fever" Ska comp check it out and please share to all an everybody you know. http://m.youtube.com/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DQPcCCj-HPk8%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&feature=youtu.be&v=QPcCCj-HPk8&gl=US


Oh Romeo!


April 3, 2012

If you do not know what DIY is you may not be as punk rock as you think you are. If you're main goal is to get signed to a label, you may not be as punk rock as you think you are. Point being, punk rock is a lifestyle, it's not a genre of music. Don't let pop media blind the masses. These days pop media has reached an all time low. There are so many negative influences out there, it's like big brother wants to hold us down and lead us in the wrong direction.

The thing about it is, that as responisble citizens of this nation we have a choice to succeed or to fail. Those out there that are blinded by the media really need to come to their senses before it's too late. A school teacher, that works 2 jobs; a single mother working to support her beloved family, and even a small business owner are more punk rock than any of these dumb ass kids out there thinking they are punk because of the style of music they play. Don't be a punchline people.

Being musicians, we're blessed with the opportunity to deliever a message in a way that speaks to people on multiple different levels. There is a reason why the industry works for the musicians and not the other way around. Don't fill the mold that was created, break the mold and become something new. A new voice for a new generation

Keep that shit real.

p.s. we'd like to take this time to thank UnSignedPunk.com and all the USPer's for checking us out, and especially to the USP staff for the amazing feature in the newsletter! We're grateful and blessed to have such amazing support from even more amazing people! We love you.


Vice Like Grip


April 2, 2012

Hey guys. Head over to our facebook page for loads of music and a ton of pictures of us acting like twats.



The Outpulse

STATION 4, 4/21

March 31, 2012

We're playin our hugest show ever at Station 4 in St. Paul MN with THE PHOENIX PHILOSOPHY, WINDOVINE, WE ARE THE SIRENS, and many more amazing bands!!!! So be sure to make it out to this one, it's going to blow the shit outta ya i guarantee it!



New Video!

March 30, 2012

As you all know that Steve and James have relocated and haven't been able to make videos as they used to. They never left you, there back and ready to roll! Check out the new video on the home page!




New Video up!

March 30, 2012

check out the new video on USP! we are working on another one tonight...hit me up if you want me to play your stuff!


Backyard Superheroes

Now a ska band! Need trumpet player!!!

March 29, 2012

Hey all...the band has changed it's ways and are now an almost fully functional ska band! We are in need of a kickass trumpet player to round out our roster and we will be set!

If you or anyone you know would be interested (and in central jersey area) please email us @ backyardsuperheroes@gmail.com


Oh Romeo!


March 27, 2012

Sometimes as musicians we get distracted by different things. No matter what it is that may be occupying our time; it's important to remeber that it's this moment that really counts. It's fun to explore; but it sucks to get lost. Stay strong, stay positive, and most importantly, keep the rock alive.



Another Childhood Story


March 26, 2012

We just put up 3 new songs off of our NEW EP!!


Chasing Infinity

So Take This Town & Paint It Red (Or Any Colour That You Wanna Choose...)

March 24, 2012

This week has been a busy and eventful one for ChinFin. Not only did we take part in Liverpool University Band Society's annual Battle of the Bands competition (for which the heats took place last week), we also recorded our first OFFICIAL EP at the weekend, AND went on to WIN aforementioned Battle of the Bands competition!!! I know, right?!

Okay, so in the life of an established touring band, all of that probably seems akin to daily routine. (If we could, we'd trade band lifestyles, really truly we would.) But for us, a mere humble student band attempting to build the foundations of a what we would initially hope to be a lucrative future making and enjoying music, it is more than we've ever achieved thus far.

Don't get me wrong, we've worked hard over the last two years. I don't really need to go into detail about why - see previous blog post. But we've always kind of felt like the underdogs, in various situations. In fact, we still do at times. I for one sometimes feel like it is hard to be taken seriously as the frontwoman of a band at first, especially if you happen to be on a bill with other all-male bands. The moment when I carried Paul's amp onstage for soundcheck at The Shipping Forecast and was asked by the sound-tech if I was the roadie is just one example of what females in bands have to sometimes deal with (although I realise that they're getting increasing recognition now that their prominence is rising. But still.) When our previous drummer felt it was her time to leave the band, I sought another female drummer specially, because I wanted to retain that aspect of our band, and also avoid being branded as yet-another-Paramore-band (but that is another set of issues entirely). I think we all feel incredibly lucky to have found Meg and have her want to be a part Chasing Infinity. She's now a solid part of our unit and one of our best friends.

People also usually have a hard time placing us in their perceptions of the current music industry. We describe ourselves as pop-rock with a punk edge (think Jimmy Eat World crossed with Blink182 occasionally) but I think others in the past have branded us as too cissy, or too happy, or that band that doesn't take themselves seriously. They're right in one sense - we don't take ourselves too seriously because who are we to think that our presence in people's lives is serious? In this ever-changing flux within the industry, nobody can afford to believe that they are doing something entirely new or that they are the best thing since sliced bread and should be worshiped. Everything we are doing has mostly been done before in some shape or form; all we can really do is merge influences and add our own touches.
And people are right - we are an upbeat, happy band; not just with our music but in our attitudes. We try to remain positive and help others feel more positive when they watch us at a gig, or listen to our music (and that's not to say we never write a dark song every now and then, either). But some people seem to think this is a bad thing. Tastes and preferences vary, no doubt about that. But in our experience, the city of Liverpool seems to value only certain types or genres of music right now (I won't delve into what I think those are), and unfortunately for us, we aren't a part of it.

But along the way we have, just every so often, come across the odd (dare I say it) 'fan' who has claimed to love our music. And each time that happens, we think, "Well we can't be going TOTALLY wrong, surely?" So imagine our surprise when we were told to have won the majority of the audience vote on Thursday night at BandSoc's BotB, despite the astounding amount of people present who seemed to love the metal (we very much felt like we'd lost this ball). Being able to return to The Cavern and play alongside some of our closest fellow bands was great enough; to actually win over an audience which we initially thought would be weighted against us was just amazing.

So it is here once again I say thank you on behalf of all of us, to our friends who have always shown their support, the people that voted for us that night and of course the judges that must have showed (at least a little, if not a good amount) of faith in us. We particularly want to say thank you to Jon Lawton from Crosstown Studios who did a great job of producing our EP and is an all-round lovely guy to work with.

We hope that anybody reading this will listen to our new EP 'Wasting All My Time' which can be found HERE: http://soundcloud.com/chasinginfinity

If you're on SoundCloud, give us a follow! Same for Twitter. 'Like' us on Facebook. And if you like what you see/hear, please spread the word so we may one day have more weeks as fun and fulfilling as this one has been :)


EDIT 26/03/12: Just to clarify, my comment about the judges having "at least a little, if not a good amount" of faith in us was merely me speculating about what thoughts they may have had. I couldn't say for sure how much they liked us or what their exact feelings might have been, as all of their scores are anonymous (and rightly so). I was not by any means referring to any specific score given to us by any of the judges, and it was certainly not a statement of bitterness in any way. I can think of absolutely no reason for us to be bitter or unhappy right now - we're over the moon!



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