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3 Cards Short

Secret Blog

June 20, 2011

Ok Hai, I am posting this here because I don't think any of my actual friends know I have band profile on this website. I just had to tell someone and this is the only secret yet relevant place... ok, here'goes... we're having practice tonight! *insane giggling and stomping around in circles commences*. I know none of you out the in music world think much of a singular practice but, believe me, this one is significant because it means our new drummer is back for Round 2.

Why do you care? Well, maybe you don't but here's why it is important to me, because a 2nd practice means that he likes us and we like him. This is very important for a band that wants to PLAY SHOWS. I mean, for some of you it might be all about writing the best music of your life but for me it's all about playing shows.

Sure, maybe it's careless or besides the point or means I'm not a real musician. So I say, Fine. I never meant to be an actual musician. The fact that I *can* play in instrument (or several) and the fact that I *can* write music was never intended to signify my musicianship... though I can see how it would.

Honestly, I just wanna play some fuckin' shows and have a good time. I know my songs don't suck (which I suppose is subjective) so I don't have to worry about embarrassing myself playing shitty music just so I can play live (which is something I have done before as a member other people's bands). No, I actually like 3CS songs. They are meant to be somewhat simple, fun to play and fun to hear. I love the dopamine release that playing live triggers.

That's right, it's all about getting high. That's why musicians are always such drug addicts. It just all goes together in a biologically pleasing package.

That's my excuse, anyway.


Band Practice Tonight! Wo0T!

(oh..... and in case you were wondering why something like this blog is secret it's because the assholes whose practice room I'm using will want money if they know I'm practicing there so I'm supposed to keep it on the DL...hahaha.... but I'm not good at keeping secrets. Thanks for enabling me, USP... hahaha.)


Wheres Billy

Some reviews of 'THE TRUTH HURTS' EP

June 20, 2011

Are Wheres Billy the UK’s equivalent to Dave Grohl and co? To be honest, I’m still not convinced. But, I also think that it’s an unfair comparison. Yes, there is a strong Foo Fightery vibe here, but I don’t think that’s the be all and end all. Wheres Billy are their own band, not a covers band or a tribute act.

As well as the aforementioned Foo Fighter influence, there’s also a nod to Punk, a wink to Classic Rock and enough big choruses to have you singing along quite happily. For some reason Wheres Billy’s music, particularly the mellower moments, makes me think that it would work brilliantly in the soundtrack of an American drama series. And I mean this in the most positive of ways!

As far as I’m concerned, this is a very promising EP and one well-worth your hard-earned pennies.

Highlight: “Thoughts and Fears”

Rating: 80%

Read the full review here;


I would say that the band fit into the punk rock category very well, although sticking another label on them isn’t being fair. There are shades of classic punk bands such as Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols, into the more modern punk bands such as Green Day, NOFX , and SUM 41 and the like. Thrown into the mix, you have some great vocals and some real melodic moments, as well as some classic rock pulled straight out of the top drawer...

Read the full review here...


The Phoenix Philosophy

Help Us Book Shows!

June 20, 2011

USP family! How is everyone? Hope all is well.
For those who know us, you know that we're usually pretty busy. But things have been kind of quiet for us lately. There are a few things we're setting up here in Minneapolis, but nothing out of town/state. We're really looking to get some out of the cities a bit this summer and meet some fellow unsigned punk bands. If there are any bands/promoters out there interested in doing a show swap with us, please send us an email:

If you're a fellow Minnesotan and you'd like to help us, but aren't very good with booking, you can help be a part of our awesome new street team. Just add our page to your facebook friends and stay tuned for updates on how you can help spread the word about how awesome we are ;)

Also, don't forget about our show at 7th Street Entry next week. RSVP on Facebook for more info:

Thanks everyone. Hope we see you soon!


Fall Short For Glory

In the Studio

June 20, 2011

been in the Studio today

got drums tracked for a new track

guitar tomoz then bass and vox on Wed...gunna be SICK!!!

can't wait for you guys to hear it :)






June 19, 2011

We're privaledged to announce a co-tour with PHANTASM(www.enterthephantasm.com) this summer in support of our new digital only e.p. and we really would love to catch our old and new friends alike! We had the honor of playing with so many new friends and meeting so many great people like yourself along the way that nothing would be better then seeing you again in support of our new Self titled E.P. coming out Tuesday July 12! Here is your first taste of the new e.p.
Alternative Music Blog http://alternativemindset.net/2011/06/twenty30-and-their-upcoming-self-titled-ep/

Be sure to catch us at one of the following dates!

-TUE July 12th
@TBA Theatres
80 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584-3026 (603) 788-4499
Doors 630pm All Ages

WED July 13th
@McGanns Irish Pub
197 Portland Street
Boston MA
Doors 8pm 21+

-THUR July 14th TBA CT
-FRI July 15th
@Smash Promotions LLC (Smash Events)
Hoboken tba

-SAT July16th
@Kawari Sound
8100 Accomac Rd
Jenkintown(wyncote) PA 12pm All Ages


a Kaizen Blitz (aKB)

New Track Up

June 19, 2011

As the tracks have been up for a while we've started swapping some out for others from our set.

Any comments and feedback welcome.




June 19, 2011



Fall Short For Glory

Please can u guys do us a MASSIVE favour ???????

June 19, 2011


follow this link and click "allow" (if it asks you)

then vote for us to open the festival

the vote button is under our music vid

only takes a second :D




Threat Level Burgundy

Ska/Punk bands need Help!!!

June 19, 2011

We are in desperate need for another $80!!! we only need another $80 to to finish out funding for our split with Llama Tsunami. Our half has beed recorded and Llama T is almost done, so This is it, the home stretch. We only need another $80 in our kickstarter account to be all set for mastering and pressing the CD's. So for only $5 you can get stickers/buttons/a digital copy of the album(before physical release) for $10 you can get that and a real life copy of the album, for $25 you get a personalized T-shirt plus the before stuff! and a bunch other other options if you guys want to checkout the page. So please help! Ska is only dead if you let it be!


Chasing Infinity

You're a Tough One We Have to Try and Climb.

June 18, 2011

Let's face it, crowds are tough. Especially those that are unfamiliar to you, and have never heard your music before, and don't know you as people (for that will always have some kind of effect on the opinion of the performance, consciously or unconsciously).

We're no strangers to tough crowds (in fact, we've had more cold ones than welcoming ones), but we were definitely reminded of such a crowd when we performed at the second round of 2011's Surface Festival. I'm not going to go into detail, but as a band we feel like we have been let down by this organisation, and we are not the only ones. For a huge event that is supposed to give unsigned bands the promotion and exposure that they need, they really seem to be a bit lax on what it means to actually "promote". I'm going to write a more detailed article on this soon, which I will link on my own blog, but for now, you can read this guy's opinion on the whole shebang HERE: http://www.createdinbirmingham.com/2008/03/18/surface-unsigned/ (that's his blog, Created In Birmingham, and as a result, Surface Festival is now hated in Birmingham!) Needless to say anyways, we didn't get through, because we sucked, haha. Neither did our friends Dirty Bernard, so we all took some friends out afterwards and got drunk at the Bier Keller. Yay!

Anyways, onto much band-ier things. Our bassist, Henry, is sadly leaving in September to go and live in France for a year for his French studies (the loveable posh twat), so our time with him is severely limited! He and Megs have both gone home to Bristol and York respectively for the summer, but they're making a grand return a couple of days before our SHIPPING FORECAST GIG, supporting ACRYLIC STREET on the 15th JUNE, so if you've never seen us play before, or love Henry like we do, please do try and make it down to this as it will be the last gig he plays with us!!!

Event info here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190564934326942

As for recording, balls knows. Things are quite haphazard over summer, as we found last year, with band members living out of town and all. It really is quite a pain, but we wouldn't change our rhythm section for the world (even though when it comes to one of them, we have no choice). Updates on gigs in the fall, along with new recordings, will be up as soon as we can get our heads in gear a.k.a. recover from the traumatic university year and play so many video games our brains turn to blissful mush.

So until then, PEACE OUT and have a great summer!

Addie x



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