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Send us your Videos

February 7, 2012

We are here to help so send us your videos and we can put them up on our homepage :)

Send them to beheard@unsignedpunk.com


Backyard Superheroes

Singers and Drummers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 7, 2012

Please contact us! We are in need of your talents and abilities in our supergroup. We have a buttload of songs ready to go and just need to round out the rest of the band to start gigging.

We also want people who can write as well and just want to hang out and make some good music. We all have experience and are between the ages of 21 and 25. We don't drink or smoke, but don't care if you do.

No egos, just fun. Who wants to be a superhero?




February 6, 2012

A punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anti-Flag is coming to Indonesia for the first time, in Jakarta to be exact. Their concert here is one of a series of tours "The General Strike" in Southeast Asia this year. Anti-Flag is one of the big and phenomenal band in the realm of punk rock, critical lyrics and protest against social and political issues is their trademarks, especially on the issue of U.S. involvement in Iraq.

A week before the event which run by Nu Prima Productions as the organizer and planned to be held at Senayan pool parking lot, we got a word from Teguh Dreaddaddy, of HAI magazine (Indonesia's teen magazine) that we were invited to perform at an event as a representative of HAI Demos (programs for the local bands). He said this without mentioning the event. It is rather strange that the event was also held at the same place and time as the Anti-Flag concert. Bang! Dumdurudumdum!!
It turns out that we were given the opportunity to perform at Anti-Flag concert! Wow, quite shocking cause at first all of us were planning to buy the pre sale ticket! Yeah! Dream come true!

Anti-Flag concert is also opened by one of Jakarta’s punk band that we admire! 'Quick N Easy' and this time we had the opportunity to share the stage with them! Raymond's of Quick N Easy, You're the best bro!

On the D-Day we arrived at the venue around 4 pm, and headed backstage to get ready to do sound check. Anti-Flag was already on stage doing a sound check. Anti-Flag’s bassist Chris #2 greeted us warmly when we passed the stage to the backstage. We talked for a while before they ended the sound check and returned to the hotel.

Finished sound check, Rhetoric States’ preparing and show time! Exactly at 7.30 pm we're up on stage to open the Anti-Flag’s show. Despite of drizzle since the evening, the crowds swarm at the entry gate to get inside the venue in order. There’s a slight of underestimation from the organizer to Rhetoric States when one of their staff give us an options by playing only 2 songs. Of course that pissed us off and one of our friends, Doni from Fast Crash reacted “are you fucking kidding ma’am? get real!”..
Then we start preparing the song list according the time duration given. Our song list that night among others ‘Bangkit dan Hancurkan’ (Rise and Destroy), ‘Against The Authority’, ‘Di Bawah UMR’ (Under Minimum Wage), ‘Paling Benar Sedunia’ (Righteous of The World), ‘Sampit’ and closed with ‘Pemuda’ (Youth).

Quick N Easy as a second liner before the main band. This Jakarta’s punk band playing most of their songs, one of them that already had a video clip was ‘Tak Kan Menyerah’ (Never Give Up) and a cover song from the Ramones; Blitzkrieg Bop'. The audience is getting heated up with a splash of spirit from this band. Awesome!

At 8:30 sharp, Anti-Flag came on stage. Full passion and energy, they open up the show with the song; 'The Press Corpse'. As already mentioned earlier in this writings that they were very critical about their government's policy, especially the foreign policy and the Iraq war campaign, the song "The Press Corpse" is one of them. The audience seemed familiar with many of the songs brought by them, such as: ‘One Trillion Dollars’, ‘Underground Network’, ‘Fuck Police Brutality’, ‘Drink Drank Punk’, ‘This Is The End (For You My Friend)’, ‘Turncoat’.

Anti-Flag is a great band, and that night it shows why. Their professionalism, with the stage’s condition, the organizers negligence and other crap didn’t get their guard down, passion at its top speed. Some problems occur on stage wasn’t a reason for them not to perform at their best.

Keep focused with the issues that mark them, before the song "Die For Your Government ', lead singer Justin Sane show support for the issue of punk in Aceh by saying "This is for the punks in Aceh".. and intensely followed by the crowds shouting "you've gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government? die for your country? that's shit!" and of course the venue were heating a lot hotter. Anti Flag close their concerts with the song encore cover of The Clash, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go".

Anti-Flag gave us a valuable lessons about hard work, professionalism, being humble, polite and friendly attitude even in the most grueling situation. The absence of crew, dressing rooms, a simple stage, and the fans, who packed in the artist tent, did not lose their spirit on and off stage. Yes, the punk energy had to be detonated so that the resistance would never be taken for granted and underestimated. For them, us and all of you, this fight will never end!

Thanks to:
RxS Rengades Crew (Kodir, Cmad, Fahmi, Begenk+Kecund, Gabo, Aji), Majalah HAI, HAI Demos, Teguh Dreaddaddy, Juky + Doni FastCrash, Nu Prima Prod, Quick N Easy, MC: Allay Eror. Anti-Flag : Justin Sane, Chris Head, Chris #2 & Pat Thetic. and YOU! xx

re-blog from: http://rhetoricstates.com/?p=783






Thanks for the support!

February 6, 2012

Hey guys! Thanks for checking us out and being a part of the OC45 Fucked Up Family... we're working on our debut album as we speak, so be on the lookout for updates, tour schedules, and some new tunes. Feel free to hit us up anytime with any questions, comments, etc at OC45Punx@gmail.com... Later!



Ghosts and Paper Hearts

Upcoming Shows.....

February 4, 2012

Hey everyone,

We are glad to be a part of a cool site like this! We will try our best to keep our profile on here up to date with all current things "ghosts".

So with that being said here is a list of our upcoming tour dates and more info on the band.

Feb 3rd- Alrosa Villa in Columbus Ohio
Feb 24th- Symposium in Cleveland Ohio
March 2nd- The Vortex in Akron Ohio
March 9th- A@R Bar in Columbus Ohio
March 10th- Club Panama in Springfield Ohio
March 16th- Mickey's in Lancaster Ohio
For a full list of dates please check our facebook page.

Also if you would like to purchase our full length album you can buy it here:
or search us on Itunes as well or any other online music site.

You can purchase t-shirts from us as well by emailing here:

for all other questions, booking, or press send emails to:


The Snails

Live in the Studio Video!

February 3, 2012

Alrighty, so in the next few days, we will be releasing a "Snails: Live in the studio" video thing of us playing 3 songs off our record "From Kingston to Memphis". It was shot and recorded at East Room Studios in Fishtown, Philadelphia. We're really pumped to show everyone!

We'll let everyone know when and where it will be released!

-Tim (Snails)


Chasing Infinity

Aspirations & Graduations (or: How Much Can We Milk This Song Title For All It's Worth?)

February 3, 2012

So. It's 2012. A year for all things wonderful, terrible, fantastical and disastrous, all at the same time. Or so they say.

For us here in ChinFin, 2012 is bringing about some changes. Both as a band, and as people. (Don't turn away yet! It isn't going to be one of THOSE blog posts...I don't think.)

First of all, guitarists Paul and Rob, and myself, will be graduating from university. Yep, that's right. No longer will we be students that get to live in ridiculously low-rent-yet-great-value property, sleep in till noon on a weekday and have an attic space in which to have band practice. Yes, very soon those days will be over. We'll be entering the next chapter of our adult lives. And hopefully that chapter will have just as much music, gigs and fun in it as this one has.

What will be next along our life paths? Who knows. All we do know is, we're working our (slightly nervous) fingers to the bone these next few months to make sure people really know what we're about. That is happy, dancey, pop-hooks. There, I just told you. But we want to really SHOW you.

That is why you guys can expect our OFFICIAL EP (no more bedroom demos, yaay!) THIS MARCH, 2012. Await the date please. This EP will showcase some of our best stuff to date, giving it the attention it deserves. Since our birth in late 2009, we've progressed significantly, in motivation, song-writing prowess, the blending and experimentation of different styles and of course, as a band dynamic. We aim to improve with every live show we do - maybe one day, just maybe, we'll get to play for longer than 40 minutes? Pretty please? At the moment we have enough material to fill a gut-busting double album. Our songs need homes. So by supporting us and promoting us to your friends, you can help make this happen!!!

2 and a half years have brought us a cumulative lineup of seven official members, and three session stand-ins. Even though our present lineup is down to four, we feel that now is the time we are really getting into our stride. We are coming along in leaps, bounds, skips, hops, jumps and crowd dives. NOW shit is really cookin'. As for our previous members, we thank them wholeheartedly for having been part of the ChinFin family. If it wasn't for those guys, maybe we'd be an even crappier band than we are now. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So that's it guys, look out for our EP during the month of March. Just as spring begins, fittingly ;) Make sure you 'like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (links are on this page somewhere) to keep up with official dates, such as EP release AND of course, live shows! We have a couple on the horizon for you but nothing shall be revealed until it is all done and definite ;)

We'll be rockin' from here to graduation.



Alice Rock

Kill or Cure

January 30, 2012

Hello good people of Unsigned Punk!! For those of you who are yet to hear of us, we are ALICE ROCK and we play Qunk :D

We recently released an album called 'Kill or Cure' of which three songs can be heard on our profile! Give them a listen if you get a spare moment and if you like what you hear, more songs can be found on Spotify, iTunes and Rhapsody.

And if you want to know what others think, some reviews can be found on our press page www.alice-rock.co.uk/press

Thanks to all those who give us a listen :D

Alice & Tabby


Evasive Maneuver

Upcoming show

January 29, 2012

On Feb 6th we have a show at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis $7 dollars at the door. It starts at 8pm. Come out it will be a good time.


The Last Stronghold

Version 3 (FaceBook, Twitter and Myspace)

January 29, 2012

Hey everyone, go check out our other official pages on other social networks.

TWITTER: we are now using our twitter feed more frequently so go and follow us for all the latest new, views and reviews of the band, also awesome behind the photo footage from gigs and in the studio - www.twitter.com/v3_official

FACEBOOK: Again we are using this a lot more now as we build up to the launch of the new album and we would love everyone to go check it out and 'like' our page. we are trying to expand our fan base as quickly as possible so please help and introduce a friend to our music. www.facebook.com/version3official

MYSPACE: We know not many people use myspace anymore but as all bands no its good for helping get gigs and so on so we keep it running, it has tracks on there to listen to so feel free to go check them out, and if you do hace a account add us on there... its all good

Thanks guys,

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.version-3.co.uk
OFFICIAL EMAIL: version3@live.co.uk



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